Nepalese Association of Victoria Convenes Successful Annual General Meeting

Melbourne – Melbourne witnessed another productive chapter for the Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) as they concluded their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Cyprus Community Hall in Brunswick East this Sunday.

The meeting, presided over by NAV President Premraj Upreti, served as a platform to highlight the impactful endeavors undertaken during the tenure. President Upreti’s comprehensive report outlined the pivotal milestones achieved by the association in the past year. Concurrently, Dr. Yakindra Timilsena, the treasurer, meticulously presented the financial report encompassing the period from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023.

 A unanimous vote of approval resonated through the assembly as attendees supported the chairman’s report, the financial statement, and the minutes from the previous AGM held in 2022. The commendations and accolades poured in for the relentless efforts and notable achievements of the working committee during its inaugural year.

The meeting witnessed the presence of esteemed personalities including former presidents of the organization, officials from the current working committee, life advisors, and ordinary members. Additionally, the event was graced by notable figures within the Nepali community, such as Mani Ratna Sapkota, President of NRNA Victoria; Keshav Kandel, former President of NRNA Australia; FeNCAA’s spokesperson, Dr. Bhola Giri; ANMC Chairman Gandhi Prasad Bhattarai; and Public Relations Committee Chairman Vinit Raj Sharma. Representatives from various Nepali community organizations including NRNA, Farwest Nepalese Community, NNCI, and RWC also participated actively.

A spirited and engaging question-and-answer session centered around the president’s and treasurer’s reports, providing an opportunity for attendees to delve deeper into the proceedings and initiatives.

The efficient orchestration of the program fell under the stewardship of Alok Poudel, Secretary of NAV, ensuring a smooth and cohesive flow throughout the event.

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