High Court Orders Inclusion of Skill Building in EPS Exam Amidst Protests and Tragedy

Kathmandu – The Patan High Court has delivered a significant ruling mandating the inclusion of all applicants interested in skill building to participate in the EPS examination. In response to an application submitted by Ganesh Rai and others, the single bench of High Court Judge Chandramani Gyawali issued the directive, allowing all eligible individuals to complete the application process and take part in the examination proceedings.

The court’s order explicitly stated, “…not to obstruct applicants, including those of similar interests, from filling out the examination application forms as per the notification dated 2080.8.19, which was opened for applications from 2080.9.2 onwards, according to Rule 42(1) of the High Court Rules, 2073. This interim order will be served to the opposing parties and executed in accordance with established procedures.”

This court decision opens avenues for those previously unable to apply for the productive sector. Initially, restrictions were in place barring individuals who had applied for skill building from also applying to the manufacturing sector. In response, 18 individuals, including Suraj Pathak, lodged a case in the Patan High Court challenging this regulation. The court, acknowledging their plea, issued an interim order allowing them to participate in the application process. Consequently, today, these 18 individuals successfully submitted their application forms. However, a larger group, unable to partake in this opportunity, initiated protests. Unfortunately, during these protests, two individuals lost their lives due to police firing.

This recent court order further addresses the ongoing case, seeking to reconcile the conflicting regulations and provide equitable opportunities for all concerned applicants.

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