Balkumari Unrest Continues: Two Lost Their Lives Amidst EPS Protest Turmoil

Kathmandu – Tragic developments unfolded in the ongoing unrest in Balkumari, as two young individuals lost their lives in a government vehicle utilized by Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Prakash Jwala.

The vehicle, bearing license plate Ba 2 Jh 5861, was set ablaze by individuals participating in the EPS examination protests on Friday, marking a harrowing turn of events.

In the midst of the disturbances, a clash erupted in the Balkumari-Gwarko area during Friday afternoon, adding to the escalating tension.

According to Amish Pathak, the chief operating officer of the hospital, 23-year-old Suzan Raut from Jumla, residing in the Bhaktapur area, succumbed to his injuries at Kisht Hospital in Imadol. Raut was discovered lying injured in the Balkumari area and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Pathak noted visible chest injuries on Raut, who passed away around 2:50 PM on Friday following 45 minutes of CPR.

Tragically, another casualty, 22-year-old Birendra Shah, also succumbed to injuries sustained in a similar incident. Nepal Police’s Central spokesperson, DIG Kuwer Kadayat, confirmed Shah’s demise during treatment at Patan Hospital. The circumstances surrounding Shah’s injuries are yet to be disclosed pending further investigation.

Authorities remain vigilant as the situation in Balkumari remains tense, with additional updates awaited in this evolving scenario.

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