Sandeep Maheshwari and Vivek Bindra Controversy

New Delhi – Over the past ten days, social media has become a battleground for a complex dispute between two prominent YouTubers, leaving the Indian audience with no choice but to pick sides. Curious about the nature of this controversy? Allow us to elucidate.

What sparked the controversy?

It all began more than a week ago when YouTuber and life coach Sandeep Maheshwari uploaded a video on his channel discussing a business course that had been taken by many individuals. During the conversation, students who had enrolled in the course shared their experiences, revealing details about the fee structure and the outcomes. Upon learning this, Maheshwari labeled it a ‘scam’.

How did people react?

The video quickly went viral, and as the situation escalated, many began to believe that popular motivational speaker Vivek Bindra was the target of the accusations surrounding this controversy.

Following the release of the video, several additional claims were made, with Maheshwari even mentioning the pressure he faced to remove the video. However, instead of taking it down, the video received an influx of responses from people expressing their support for Maheshwari and urging him to keep it online.

The video was shared on the YouTube channel ‘Sandeep Maheshwari’ under the title “BIG SCAM EXPOSED | By Sandeep Maheshwari.”

In response to the entire situation, Vivek Bindra uploaded a ‘response video’ on YouTube. Titled “Janeman Biggest Controversy | Biggest Program | Biggest Attack – Dr Vivek Bindra,” the video featured Bindra addressing Maheshwari’s questions one by one. Referring to him as ‘Janeman,’ Bindra also mentioned that Maheshwari or his team should have sought out the other side of the story.

As soon as the video was shared, it quickly went viral, causing people to take sides. Many supported Bindra, while a few stood by Maheshwari. There were also individuals who expressed their support for both YouTubers and encouraged them to resolve the matter.

In the comment section, individuals expressed their thoughts on the video. One user stated, “I firmly believe that the truth can never remain hidden… it will always prevail.” Another person joined in, saying, “Vivek and Sandip, you both serve as our role models. Please address all concerns and continue to inspire and educate people through your videos.” Another individual requested, “Sir, please continue this program exclusively on YouTube.” The next person shared, “I may not have all the facts, but I am certain that only the truth will ultimately triumph.” The following comment read, “Both of you are admired by many. Please keep up the fight.” Adding to the conversation, another person remarked, “Both individuals are remarkable, but only the one who is right will emerge as the truth.” Lastly, someone mentioned, “In any given situation, it is crucial to consider both sides’ perspectives.”

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