Why Gagan Thapa said this ?

Kathmandu – In a significant turn of events within the Nepali Congress (NC), General Secretary Gagan Thapa has voiced a call for swift action to rejuvenate the party’s leadership, heralding a promising new chapter in the party’s evolution.

During a pivotal meeting of the Shekhar Koirala faction, Thapa passionately advocated for an expedited change in the parliamentary party leader. Emphasizing the importance of timely action, he underscored the necessity of conducting the 15th general convention within the next two years, setting the stage for progressive reforms and inclusive decision-making.

Thapa, a prominent voice within the party, highlighted concerns about the potential delay in convening the general convention if the current parliamentary party leader, NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba, assumed the role of prime minister as per the coalition’s rotational agreement. This insightful discussion, shared by a central member present at the meeting, reflected Thapa’s commitment to steering the party towards a future defined by proactive leadership transitions.

Urging for prompt action, Thapa proposed the notion of expeditiously altering the parliamentary party leadership, suggesting that consensus could lead to anyone assuming this pivotal role. He even put forth the idea of elevating Shekhar Koirala to the parliamentary party leader position, illustrating a spirit of unity and collective consensus as essential pillars for future progress, as relayed by the central member’s account of Thapa’s inspiring words.

This development follows Thapa’s previous spirited participation in the election for NC parliamentary party leader, where despite a loss to Deuba in December 2022, he remains a steadfast advocate for transformative change within the party.

The recent meeting signifies a positive shift within the NC, as efforts are underway to bridge differences and foster unity within the party. The reconciliatory strides taken between Koirala and Thapa demonstrate a shared commitment to consolidating the party’s strength and presenting a formidable, united front against challenges, thus paving the way for a promising future of growth and unity within the Nepali Congress.

Nepali Congress Conference Sees Slogan Alteration Amidst Leadership Dispute

The inaugural conference of Nepali Congress Gandaki Province stirred controversy as a banner slogan, “Let’s protect the party from corruption,” faced removal following instructions from President Sher Bahadur Deuba. The event, held at Pokhara Auditorium, was marred by a dispute between Deuba and state chairman Shukraraj Sharma over the banner’s content and the absence of the president’s photo.

Deuba, upon arrival, expressed displeasure regarding the slogan, emphasizing its potential to raise questions about the party. He objected to the phrase “let’s save the party from corruption,” prompting a last-minute alteration just before the conference’s commencement. A green tape covered the contentious statement as per Deuba’s instructions, sparking discussions about the party’s internal dynamics.

In a conversation with Sharma, Deuba contested both the absence of the president’s photo and the wording of the banner’s slogan. He highlighted concerns that the slogan could reflect negatively on the party, leading to a heated debate between the two leaders even before the event’s scheduled start.

Responding to the alteration, Gandaki Provincial Committee’s General Minister Bishnu Lamichhane cited the imprecision of the phrase as the reason behind its removal. However, conflicting accounts arose, with Lamichhane acknowledging the removal but stating he had yet to ascertain the facts surrounding the decision.

This incident comes amidst recent controversy surrounding Congress leader Balkrishna Khan’s release on bail in the Bhutanese refugee case, leading to speculation about Deuba’s statements and their potential impact on the party’s image.

The conference, occurring two years after the Provincial Committee’s election, aimed to address political, organizational, and economic concerns within the party. Discussions focused on adapting to the federal structure and revitalizing the party’s agility.

President Sharma, addressing the gathering, stressed the leadership’s role as servants of the people, challenging the perception of power dynamics. He urged that leaders must prioritize the populace’s needs over their own, drawing attention to the broader role of leadership within the political framework.

The preparation of the banner, completed on Monday night by the Gandaki Provincial Committee, unexpectedly became a focal point, overshadowing the conference’s intended agenda. The episode underscores deeper tensions within the Nepali Congress, highlighting the intricacies of leadership, messaging, and internal governance within the party.

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