Tragedy Strikes Nepal: Earthquake Claims 92 Lives in Jajarkot and 36 in Rukum West

Kathmandu – The devastating earthquake that struck Nepal last night has left 128 people dead, according to Prime Minister Prachanda’s Secretariat. Of these, 92 lost their lives in Jajarkota, while 36 perished in Rukum West.

In addition to the tragic loss of life, 55 individuals were reported injured in Jajarkot, with 85 sustaining injuries in Rukum West.

Harishchandra Sharma, Information Officer of the District Administration Office in Jajarkot, reported that the highest number of casualties occurred in Khalanga headquarters, Nalgad municipality, and Bheri municipality.

Meanwhile, in the western region of Rukum, the majority of the deceased were located in Saniveri rural municipality, Aathbiskaet municipality, and other surrounding areas. The injured are currently receiving treatment at Chaurjahari Hospital, District Hospital Salle, and Athaviskot Nagar Hospital.

Officials in the affected districts have stated that some areas have lost communication links, making access difficult due to damaged roads. Additionally, due to the remote and challenging geographical terrain, security personnel have faced difficulties in reaching certain locations promptly.

Regrettably, it is anticipated that the number of casualties and injuries may rise as further assessments are conducted.


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