Fatal Unrest in Balkumari: Protestor Killed as Police Open Fire

Kathmandu – In Balkumari, Lalitpur, a group of young protestors, agitated over the Employment Permit System (EPS) examination, set ablaze the car of Transport Minister Prakash Jwala. They halted the minister’s vehicle, demanded its occupants to exit, and subsequently ignited it.

Simultaneously, the demonstrators have obstructed the roads, intensifying tensions in the Balkumari vicinity. To manage the escalating situation, law enforcement deployed tear gas to scatter the protestors and restore order.

1 dead after police opened fire

Following the unrest in Balkumari, tragic events unfolded as police fired upon protestors, resulting in the death of one individual. The situation spiraled out of control on Friday, prompting law enforcement to resort to gunfire.

Among those affected, 23-year-old Sujan Raut tragically lost his life while receiving medical care at KIST Hospital. Additionally, another person faces critical injuries and is currently undergoing treatment at Patan Hospital.

The protests stemmed from the grievances of individuals unable to take the Employment Permit System (EPS) exam, meant for opportunities in Korea. Notably, the transport minister’s car was set ablaze during the demonstrations, adding to the intensity of the situation in Balkumari.

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