Bharati falls unconscious in the press conference

Kathmandu – Bharti Sherpa, who started a fast against the government’s decision to release Yograj Dhakal (Regal), who was convicted of murdering her husband, fainted at the press conference.

She started fasting from last Friday and had attended a press conference at Reports Club on Monday. One of her aides informed that he was taken to Bir Hospital after she fainted while other speakers were speaking at the press conference. Earlier, she fell unconscious while going to the Supreme Court and was taken to the Bir Hospital.

She started her hunger strike from October 17, demanding that the decision to release her husband’s prison sentence should be revoked. She suspended her fast during the Dashain holiday and has continued her relay fast since last Friday.

Sherpa has also filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court against the recommendation of the Council of Ministers and the President’s decision to release the imprisonment of Regal Dhakal of Banke who was involved in the murder of her husband Chiran Manandhar.

After the hearing of the case, the Supreme Court has also called for documents from the opponents. Her case will continue to be heard from Tuesday.

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